Hastrman   85Kč

chicken breast, cream, spinach, sundried tomatoes

Carbonara   89Kč

turkey breast, bacon, parmesan, mushrooms

Curry        85Kč

chicken breast, bamboo shoots, curry sauce

Australian  89Kč

beef with cheese

Belzebub    79Kč

beef, red beans, chilli, tomatoes

Kangaroo   89Kč

kangaroo meat wild

Butcher     79Kč

pork in our special spicy sauce

Mafioso     79Kč

sausage, olives, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese

Pie of the Week 89Kč

by current offer


Popeye     79Kč

spinach, mushrooms, cottage cheese


Potatoes    25Kč

roasted potatoes with vegetables

Delivery in center of Pilsen

Delivery in Pilsen including packing is FREE.

- The minimum order is 3 pies.

- Phone order: 777502737 (10:00 - 15:00)

Due to traffic restrictions in front of our shop and lower demand. From January 1, 2012 we offer distribution only in the center of city (walking distance). Distant places will be delivered after prior agreement (day before). Thank you for your understanding.


Our pies are the ideal product for quality refreshment during your next office seminar, celebration or presentation. Original, quick, tasty, simple and effective with minimum mess and rubbish.

1 pie = 1 person

Can be delivered free across Pilsen (also in the evening) still oven hot, for bigger functions we also have a hot display with capacity for 80 pies.

Please call Miroslav (+420606492450, we can discuss further possibilities)

The minimum order is 10 pies.

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